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Innovation Community

Core to the mission of MEDIC is the Collaborative nature of our business. We would like to recognize our friends that are the companies, universities, and organizations that have helped us to date. If you are interested in an introduction to any of these groups, please contact Andy Taylor (ataylor at medic dot com) for an introduction.


Hughes Pittman & Gupton, James A Lucas and Company


Square 1 Bank, JP Morgan Life Sciences,

Biomedical Industry Support

NCBIO, NC Biotechnology Center

Corporate Attorneys

Hutchison Law, Smith Anderson, Williams Mullen

Design Firms

Applied Technologies Inc., Porticos, Trig Innovation

Small-Scale Manufacturing

 Anuva, EG-Gilero

Grant Writing

Eva Garland Consulting

Intellectual Property Attorneys

Jenkins Wilson Taylor and Hunt, Olive Law Group, Sotomayor IP Consulting


First Flight Venture Center Hangar 6, TriMech

Real Estate

Alexandria Real Estate


BioTechnology Transfer

Startup Services

CED Venture Mentoring Service, Duke Innovation to Impact Program, NCSU New Ventures, UNC KickStart Venture Services


How to be added to our Innovation Community:

  • Personal referral from our leadership team
  • Referral from our community
  • Featured position through sponsorship