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The Closing of MEDIC – Medical Innovators Collaborative

Building leaders.

Saving lives.

The Closing of MEDIC

Two years ago a group of students, under the tutelage of Dr. Andrew DiMeo, Tim Martin, and Preston Linn, wrote a grant proposal to start an organization designed to “establish a regional hub for productive interactions to develop biomedical solutions aimed at improving quality of life.” The awarded grant set in motion the development of the organization known today as the Medical Innovators Collaborative (MEDIC), a unique 501(c)3 not-for-profit committed to advance the medical device sector of North Carolina by creating meaningful connections between clinical innovators, startups, the medtech industry, and students. After a productive and exciting life-cycle, today we announce the end of our organization. While these times of transition are always bittersweet, the mission of MEDIC was largely a success. The Triangle area has seen many changes over the past two years and the local medtech and life science sectors are thriving more than ever.

Never designed to prolong itself in perpetuity, MEDIC functioned to catalytically direct its modest resources for maximal impact with minimal remuneration.  The core focus of MEDIC’s work was around projects. We worked to push forward life science innovations brought to us by clinicians, startups, and large medical device companies alike. Multidisciplinary and multi-institutional teams of students were carefully crafted to apply their technical and business skills to each technology brought to us. The result was a vibrant culture of collaboration, innovation, and education. Over the course of two years, we worked on 11 different projects, providing internships to 32 students from NC State, UNC, and Duke Universities. Our interns gained experience with a first-hand look at innovation and the product development life cycle and made valuable connections for future career opportunities.

Several new organizations have begun over the lifespan of MEDIC that serve the life science sector of North Carolina and can fill the gap left behind by the absence of our organization. For prototyping equipment access and design services, First Flight Venture Center’s Hangar 6 is a sound resource. Their high end equipment should fit the needs of any innovator and if they don’t have the exact piece of equipment you need, chances are they know someone who does. For events, LaunchBio’s new monthly series, titled Larger than Life Science, is a valuable place to maintain connections as well as to develop new ones within the life science industry. We are confident that these groups and all of the others serving North Carolina will continue to take the life science sector to new heights.

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank those individuals and organizations that supported MEDIC throughout its life. Thank you to the founders of the organization, Andrew DiMeo, Tim Martin, Preston Linn, Melissa White, Seth Steele-Pardue, Jared Little, and Andy Taylor, whose ideas and energy gave birth to what would become MEDIC. Thank you to our Board of Directors, Andrew DiMeo, Kenny Andersen, Peter Johnson, Joan Seifert-Rose, and Rob Tyler, for providing wisdom and guidance throughout our organization’s life. Thank you to Ashley Thieman, our Director of Operations, whose expertise and dedication allowed MEDIC to push its projects forward while looking for new growth opportunities. Thank you to the Research Triangle Foundation, Kenan Institute of Engineering, Technology, and Science, Tucasi, UNC, NC State, and the UNC Lineberger Cancer Center for providing us with startup funds and a place to call home for two years. And a very big thank you to all of the organizations that provided our projects and interns with in-kind service, including the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, Trig, NCBio, R!oT, UNC Rex, MedSurgPI, MedX, Biotechnology Transfer, Sotomayor IP Consulting, Jenkins, Wilson, Tayor & Hunt, Hangar 6, Eva Garland Consulting, Ringbolt, Nocturnal Product Development, Williams Mullen, Stephen Gould Group and Seth Wright. Each organization provided resources in their own way which allowed our projects to progress and allowed our interns to interact with a wide array of industry professionals. None of what we did would be possible without all of these groups and we are immensely grateful for the support provided.

For any questions you may have regarding MEDIC, feel free to reach out to Andy Taylor by email at: matayl10@gmail.com


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