Bridging the valley between

ideation and commercialization


Bridging The Gap

There is a well-known valley of death between concepts and commercially viable assets 1. This pain point is particularly felt in our region.

In a recent report by the North Carolina Board of Science, Technology, and Innovation it was found that although our state is top 5 in federal research funding, it is below average in commercialization activities 2. While there are resources available for medical innovators including caregivers, academics, and professionals; gaps still remain in the system.


The Medical Innovators Collaborative (MEDIC) is a nonprofit spinout of the UNC & NC State Biomedical Engineering Department.

MEDIC serves to support the innovation lifecycle and community by providing asset assessment & development, innovation training, industry relevant professional seminars, student internships, and an IP Safe Haven. We are an open and collaborative space bringing together innovators and entrepreneurs including academics, caregivers, industry professionals, students, and veterans.

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